20M Gold Plated VGA HD15 DDC Monitor SVGA Cable


Double Shielded Cable (Braided & Foil Shield), 3 RGB + 9 Wires for excellent picture
Pin 9 Connected for additional DC Power – HD Capability – High Resolution Contrast – Excellent Quality
HD15 Male at both ends / Pin 9 Connected (DDC)
HD15 Male at both ends / Pin 9 Connected (DDC)
Black Cable with Blue Moulded Connectors – The ‘CPO’ way.

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Product Description

High quality CPO® Branded VGA (15 Pin) Monitor Cable. Pin 9 Connected for additional power for High Resolutions, and with gold plated connectors. The VGA (Video Graphics Array) Monitor connection is still incredibly common in todays market, and is easily identifiable – it consists of’ Three rows of Five’ pins or sockets on Graphics Cards and Monitors, including TVs. VGA (or SVGA – Super VGA) is a Video only cable. VGA does not carry Audio signals. This cable is suited for High Definition requirements, meaning you can adjust your resolution at the recommended setting of 1920 x 1080.