2M FireWire 800 Cable, 9 pin to 6 pin


FireWire 9 Pin Male to FireWire 6 Pin Male
Data Transfer Speed of upto 400Mbps
Cable Length: 2 Metres
Cable Length: 2 Metres
Genuine CPO® Branded Product
Black Cable with Blue Moulded Connectors – The ‘CPO’ way.

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Product Description

This CPO® branded High Quality FireWire Connection Cable is used to connect devices such as Apple MAC’s. The 9 Pin Connector is the the one commonly found on the newer Macbook Pro Devices and is capable of the fastest data transfer speeds – 800Mbps. This cable will enable you to connect devices that carry the 6 Pin Connection Type (Horizontal looking) to the Macbook or similar. You can achieve data transfer speeds of upto 400 Mbps with this cable, which is the 6 Pin Connectors limitations